Our house La Coudine is located in the stunning Cathar region. The castles, settled in a unique scenery, are definitely worth a visit! 

The Cathar Trail
The legendary Cathar trail is among the most iconic long distance (250 km) hiking trails of the French Pyrenees. 

You are about to discover the majestic ‘Vertiginous Citadels of Aguilar, Quéribus and Peyrepetuse’.  This website offers you a perfect overview of the 22 sites

Go first to the Aguilar castle, the eagle’s rock > itinerary, and continue the route to the Peyrepertuse castle, the vertigo Citadel > itinerary.

Another interesting Cathar trip is the  Montségur castle: climb the legendary ‘pog’ of Montségur to overview the panorama. The pog became a symbol of religious, military and political resistance. In 1242, it was the point of departure for the troops who massacred the inquisitors in Avignolet, Lauragais.  Don’t forget to visit the museum at the bottom of the hill. A long and beautiful > itinerary to the castle. 22 Cathar monuments to visit during your stay in the Aude region.