Your walk starts from our front door! Don’t forget your water bottle and picnic. Take a half turn to the right and you can walk endlessly. A visit  to the top of the ‘plateau‘ is recommended. At that place you stand between the many windmills and overlook the seaside. It gives you a  beautiful 360 degrees view. Bring your binoculars!

Keep an eye on the different points of reference when you are standing in front of the mountain plateau. Left from the top you can see a red/white antenna mast and on the right 3 thick electricity cables fixed on the pole at the edge of the mountain plateau.  

But stay on the path, there are no shortcuts through the bushes. Arriving at midday in the center of the village you can have a drink or eat the dish of the day ‘Chez Jeannette’.

Behind the corner of our house you can see a large antenna in the distance: Saint Victor.
Once at the top you can admire the spectacular surroundings: on a clear day you can see the sea, the Pic du Canigou …
It is better to go on foot than by car for the last part of the hike because you can only return by car at the top. After a half hour of walking you can overview a fantastic panorama: driving/walking to the top. Don’t forget your water bottle and picnic!

• Superb nature scenery up to the beach Port-la-Nouvelle. Enjoy walking on its pier or take an oyster lunch > itinerary. You can even drive your car on a 2/3 km beach.
• La Franqui, a beautiful beach nearby: itinerary.
• You can hike or paddle at the ‘Gorges du Verdouble‘ > itinerary.
• The Montagne Noire in the hills in the north.

Roc du Suzadou (720m).This hike is for a sunny day when it is hot. The wooded areas offer more shade. And beautiful panoramas too: itinerary.

• An ancient prophecy ( a Mayan calendar) claimed the sleepy Pyrenean village Bugarach would be the only place on earth left standing when the world would have ended on 21 december 2012. What never happened of course! Look at this amazing film on YouTube.

But in reality the mountain has a geological oddity whereby the lower layers of rock are mysteriously younger than those at the top. It is also host to a bewildering number of caves. Certainly worth a visit! At the top you will be rewarded with a superb panorama.
Hiking boots required: picturesitinerary.

• After a walk in the vicinity of Bains Saint Thomas  you can take a long moment of relaxation in de hammam or hot water baths > itinerary.
• the Pic Carlit with 2.921m, is the highest mountain of the region > itinerary.
• Then follows the  Pic du Canigou with 2.784m > itinerary.
• The Cathar Trail: the  GR®367, is among the most iconic long distance hiking trails of the French Pyrenees (distance: 250 km). This path reveals the famous ‘citadelles de vertige’! 

There are many cycling or mountain bike routes in the area.