There is a huge choice of events during summer months. Navigate around and get inspired!  

One of the most iconic events is the Firework at Carcassonne . The French citizens celebrate Bastille day every 14 July by organizing a fantastic firework display on the ancient walls of ‘la Cité de Carcassonne’  at night.
Firework Carca 2018 @YT + www  > itinerary.

Le festival de Carcassonne also attracts many people each year. 

Other events are: Clap d’été à Narbonne, the summer programme of Narbonne plage, every first half of August Banquêt Book in Lagrasse, the  International Festival of Photojournalism in Perpignan, etc …

Last year, 2022, Carcassonne was hosting the Tour de France (2023).
There is a huge choice of events: from June till September you can not escape one of the many (music)festivals, exhibitions,’ marchés des producteurs’ and ‘vide greniers’.