If you love to visit authentic villages or interesting heritage cities then the department Aude is the place to be! Every day you can make a very different trip depending on your mood and the opportunities.  We will give you some tips and photos: it is all up to you!

A paper map is always useful to keep an overview: we advise you the Michelin map “N° 240 – Languedoc-Roussillon” . You can refuel in Durban (next to the pharmacy): a little bit expensive but nearby. 

The  ‘Côte Merveille’ is certainly worth a visit. Collioure has inspired many Fauvist artists of the 20th century such as Matisse, Derain … Go for a Fauvist trail or do you prefer a lazy sunny afternoon on one of the attractive sun beaches of Collioure? Go on a weekday because it might be very crowded during weekends or july/august > itinerary.

Sharpen your senses in Gruissan because this charming town has  a lot to offer. Not to be missed is a visit of ‘Les Chalets’, once the setting of the cult film  ’37°2 le Matin’. Afterwards you can taste delicious fresh oysters and mussels in ‘La Perle Gruissanaise‘ > itinerary.

A lot of water activities at the beaches of Leucate . You can find a naturist area too. Are you hungry?  Taste the fresh fish and seafood and oysters in the many restaurants of Leucate.   

Choose your destinations on this map !

Your visit starts in the museum of Prehistory at Tautavel . In this region the Tautavel man was found, an ancient Preneanderthal man who is 450 000 years old. Discover 1.800.000 year of prehistory spread over 1,500 square metres of galleries > itinerary (you can combine your visit eventually with the next excursion).

This heritage site is exceptional: the organic ‘structure’ has been slowly washed away by the rain for decades, creating a kind of unique, natural organ pipes in the beautiful nature of Ille-sur-Têt.  www – photos > itinerary.

L’oppidum d’ensérune is an old major Gallic site:
www – photositinerary.

This castle was nicknamed ‘ the royal castle’ which used to be Força Réal” in Catalan. In earlier times it was an ideal vantage post between the Salses castle en the Opoul castle. On the top of a rocky peak the site offers you a marvelous 360 ° panorama > itinerary.

Do we have to introduce you to the famous Canal du Midi? Certainly not! > itinerary.

This village is the subject of over 700 books and countless TV (Da Vinci Code) and film documentaries. Stories about the Holy Grail, the treasure of the Cathars …  You can start with a visit of the presbytery museum if you want to learn more of the enigma of Rennes-le-Château. Here you can immerse yourself in information panels, archival material furnishings, video projections. Or go visit the St Magdalene’s church  … Don’t forget your binoculars for the panorama at the top > itinerary.